We are
Hive 42 International Media.

We offer cost-free, exclusive marketing campaigns to high-end venues across the USA, Canada, UK and Europe.  We specialize in producing exquisite, fully branded, premium-quality luxury publications, both traditionally printed and in full digital format.

We ignite your audience.

Luxury Venues

We understand that venues need to maintain a relationship with all past, present and potential customers. It is also crucial that their communications must reflect the high level of service and the exclusive range of products and services that they offer. Our Publications echo this and allow the opportunity to showcase both current and future products and services, as well as much more. The entire project is completely cost-free to the venue as the project is funded by third-party advertising partners who are carefully selected, whose luxury services and products meet with the needs of your exclusive clients.

Advertising Partners

Our main aim when working with advertising partners is to access as many potential clients as possible who fit into the relevant demographic, specific to their service or product. We tailor each advertising campaign to meet with both the needs and budget of the advertising partner and are able to offer payment plans to allow the cost to suit the cashflow of each business. Our graphic design team ensure that the brand, products and service of the business chosen to be included within the publication are perfectly represented.

Completely free of charge to luxury venues

Carefully selected advertising partners are invited to be included who enhance the publication and share the same exclusive target market.